“The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and knows those who trust in Him.” Nahum 1:7

 Lord God, You are great and mighty and only You know all things. Help us to know You more intimately through Your Son Jesus and to trust You, believing that You know us and every need we have. Oh God, we believe You will meet every need by Your riches in Christ Jesus. In His name. AmenPrayer Website Banner


New Prayer Requests

We will be posting Bible Verses to pray each week. Please read the verse out loud to yourself. Pray the verse
back to God and ask Him to speak to you through the verse.
Psalm 67: 1-4
May God be merciful and bless us.  May His face smile with favor on us. May your ways be known
throughout the earth, your saving power among people everywhere.  May the nations praise you, O God.
Yes, may all nations praise you.  Let the whole world sing for joy, because You govern the nations with justice 
and guide the people of the whole world. (NLT)


Monday – Thursday 6:45am with Pastor Fred  contact office for Zoom link
Tuesday Evenings 7PM – contact Brenda Gilmore to be added to Prayer Group  brendagilmore@deltonalakes.org

Experience God’s Peace

Oh God, my life is filled with trials and hardships. Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed and grieved. Nevertheless, I’m grateful that in every situation You are with me. In You, I can have peace. No matter what I face, today I chose to not let my heart be troubled or afraid. My mind is fixed on You and I trust in You. Fill me with joy and peace so that by the power of Your Holy Spirit, I may abound with hope. Guard my heart and give me the strength to live a life marked by Your peace. Amen.