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“The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and knows those who trust in Him.” Nahum 1:7


Lord God, You are great and mighty and only You know all things. Help us to know You more intimately through Your Son Jesus and to trust You, believing that You know us and every need we have. Oh God, we believe You will meet every need by Your riches in Christ Jesus. In His name. AmenPrayer Website Banner



Started March 20, 2020

We will add prayer requests as they come in to us.
Please know that we are diligently praying for our church family at this time. If you have a prayer request please go to the Need Prayer tab
and send us your prayer requests from there.  If you want your request to be confidential please state that in your request. May the peace that passes all understanding be with you during this time.
1) Website: Pray for broken family relationships. Kids are praying for their parents.
2) Pray for jobs. Our people are very concerned about losing their jobs right now. 
3) Laura F: prayers for her and her daughter
4) Chad C: Daughter Miranda (13 yrs old and one of our students) was just diagnosed with lymphoma.
Started treatments..
5) Pastor Fred: Veronica is working in the COVID unit at her hospital.  Please keep her in your prayers that she does not contract t
the virus.
6) Land Family: unspoken
7) Carrie S: has been diagnosed with a rare form of scleroderma.  Please be in prayer for her as medical treatments are being decided.
8) Don G: Elderly parents – mom is still hospital for broken leg from where they redid a knee replacement.  Alzheimers is getting worse.  She is 91.
9) Pray for those who have loved ones in nursing homes or rehab facilities as they are not able to go visit them.
10) Sue T: Brother Richard passed away.  Pray forSue’s healing as she has multiple small blood clots in her lungs.
11) Marlin: unspoken
12) Kristi: Prayer for protection, strength, and health for first responders and health care workers.
13) Peggy: Pray for her and her daughter.  Update: Found out her ex-father-in-law tested positive for Covid-19  and her ex-mother-in-law was over for a visit.  Prayers that she and her daughter stay healthy also for ex-in-laws.
14) Bill B: salvation for family
15) James S: had his appendix removed this past week.  Please pray for quick recovery.
16) Brenda G: Mom had possible heart attack.  Is having 2nd heart bypass surgery June 1 and she is 84.
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