A place where you can serve with a smile!
If you love to talk to people, like making new friends, or just want to show the love of Jesus to others, this may be the place for you to serve.   Your rotation would be once a month or less. Please call the church office and speak to Brenda Gilmore if you are interested in being a greeter!
DLBC Greeter Schedule
  OCTOBER 2020
  Bible Study (Front Doors) Lobby Desk Lobby Doors Inside Worship Center West Side Back
Week # 8:40-9:05 9:45-10:15 9:45-10:14 9:45-10:00 9:40-10:15
Week 1   Maria Hernandez   Gita Amin Heather Thompson
4-Oct     Walt Phillips – Front door opener Mukesh Amin Don Thompson
        Tuti Hess – Balcony  
        Dean Hess-Balcony  
Week 2   Helen Lebron Mike Damicone- Front door opener Sue King Jose Maldanado
11-Oct         Waleska Maldanado
        Dean Hess-Balcony  
Week 3     Walt Phillips – Front door opener Gita Amin Chris Sunseri
18-Oct   Lisa Parker   Mukesh Amin  
Week 4   Becky Mayfield James Sunseri – Front door opener Sue King Kristi Harrelson
25-Oct   Rhonda Cattafi      
        Tuti Hess – Balcony  
Week 5   Helen Lebron Walt Phillips – Front door opener Gita Amin Pastor Fred’s class
    Joanne Thompson   Mukesh Amin  
        Dean Hess-Balcony  
      If you are unable to greet please contact Brenda Gilmore or Joanne Thompson    
      Joanne 407-333-5660 or     
      Thank you for everything you do.