Free Resources for Discipleship

All these resources are free to be used to train in righteousness and to help you see the joy of knowing Christ more!  If you have any questions or would like more info about anything found on this page, please feel free to email us at grow@deltonalakes.org

The Gospel

The bible and all Jesus taught are centered around one central theme…. The Gospel.  This is a very simple guide through some selected passages that can help you understand how to trust Christ as your Savior or to share with someone how they could do the same thing



How to Follow Jesus

Are you a new believer or are you struggling in navigating your way in your Christian life? Want to have joy in your pursuit of God?  Check out this small handout to get yourself moving in the right direction in following Jesus joyfully.

Knowing you are Saved

Have you ever struggled with whether or not your saved?  Have you ever wanted to be sure that you are?  This booklet is designed to help you to be sure and know for certain that you are saved.

  The Bible

This material is designed to explain the Bible to someone who is new to it or has questions about where it came from.  See what the Bible has to say about itself.

How to Read & Study God’s Word

This pdf is a very simple explanation of how to read and study the Word of God.  Following the method shown will help enhance your personal Bible reading time

Fully Devoted Follower

This booklet is for those who want to live life as a fully devoted follower of Christ. It will introduce 7 traits that are plainly seen in the BIBLE, but not as plainly seen in those who claim to follow it. Let’s change that by examining what God’s WORD says about them, so we can see them become more of a reality in our lives!

How to Pray

This pdf is a really simple guide on how to pray and talk to God.  This helps you have a meaningful conversation with God, using scripture to help guide you in your prayers.

I want HELP!

If you want someone to go through any of this material with you, we would love the opportunity to connect you with someone.  Simply fill out the form we have below and we will contact you shortly to help disciple you.