Baptism at DLBC Q&A
When do you do Baptisms?
At DLBC we do baptisms as needed. If you are interested in baptism let us know by emailing us at or calling our church office at 386-789-2400 to schedule your baptism.
What is required for Baptism at your Church?
Nothing! All we want to know is that you are a believer in Christ.
How does baptism work at your Church?
We ask you show up about 15 min. prior to the service in the main worship center. We have folks that will be waiting for you and lead you to our baptistry area. In the baptistry area we have changing rooms available for you to change before if needed and after. At that point the Pastor goes over the process and progression for the baptism. Usually there is still time before the actual baptism for pictures, selfies and the like.
What do I need to wear?
For the baptism we ask that you wear comfortable dark clothing that you don’t mind getting soaked. We provide a robe that we put on over your clothing.
What should I bring?
Clothes to change into after… You are welcome to wear the wet clothes after if prefer, but that could result in chaffing so for your own comfort, we recommend a change of clothes for afterwards. We provide towels and plastic bags for your wet clothing after if needed.
Can people come with me into the baptistry?
By all means, your loved ones can be there with you. We do ask that you limit the amount of people to one or two though. Plus the best view is from the worship center pews.
Can my family take video and pictures from the baptistry?
Yes, but the space available is very limited so there will need to be some logistics worked through when multiple people are participating. Let any of the baptistry team know of your desire to do record or take pictures and we can work it out.
Can I have someone other than the Pastor baptize me?
Yes, but there are some biblical guidelines we feel have to be met by the person baptizing you. When you contact us about baptism let us know of your desire to have someone baptize you and our Pastor will contact you with details pertaining to those guidelines.