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Join the Group…

Want to get more involved?
Awesome! Listen out during the announcements on what’s going on and how you can be a part of it. We have student leadership applications available for students who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and want to serve other students with their gifts.

Want to talk more about Jesus?
Even more Awesome! Best way to make that happen is to shoot me a text at 386-463-2935, go to our connect page and fill out the form there or email us  and just say “Let’s have a Jesus talk” and we can set something up. Usually that means getting a taco or some coffee and chatting it up.

Want to Get Baptized?
Great! We can do that. You can go to our baptism page or email our Church at or text me at 386-463-2935

Want to Grow in Christ?
Check out our grow page to sign up for a bible study or our discipleship page to download resources and plan a meet with someone to go through it with you.
Need a ride?
We can help with that!  Simply have your parents fill out our Pick up Permission form and email it back to us and we will make arrangements to pick you up.
What 110 is all about…
Everything we do is designed to help you connect with God and to connect with others who are seeking to do the same thing. We call ourselves 1:10 student ministry referring to a passage in the Bible, Colossians 1:10. The author of that book, Paul, wrote about asking God that the readers would live to honor and please God. He also wrote that they would have lives that produce “good fruit” and grow and learn to know God better and better. We want to be that kind of person! Our hope is that you will want to join us in that as well! Read on to find out what to expect at our meeting and some gifts we have for you to thank you for visiting.